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Alt-Pay Co. and our banking partners understand the burden associated with dealing in all cash and will remain on the front lines as a payment processing ambassador to the cannabis industry.

The Cashless ATM has many pseudonyms including but not limited to; Point of Banking Terminal, POB, Over-the-counter ATM, Cash for Debit and Scrip(t) Machines.

Alt-Pay’s Cashless ATM not only works through a countertop VeriFone terminal and pin pad but also via a web based virtual terminal (computer) with a customer facing pin pad. We are also very close to having our solution certified for your customers new EMV Smart Chip Cards.

This solution has been around for a while now for other industries but has resurfaced in recent years for merchants that have trouble getting approved by banks, such as TMF merchants and those who dislike the costs associated with a traditional merchant account.

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